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September 11, 2007

Recent developments in cryptography and information security - an international symposium in Oryahovitza, Bulgaria

I am back from my visit to Bulgaria. As promised, I am attaching the keynote presentation I gave at the symposium.

This was a truly excellent meeting with several exceptional talks. I learned a great deal of information about elliptic curve cryptography and applications. I am pleased to say that my presentation was received well too.

A couple of interesting facts: the organizer is a NGO (the Minu Balkanski foundation and the National Institute for Education) that aims at promoting science and arts in post-communist Bulgaria: from helping gifted math and computer science high-school students find educational opportunities abroad, to helping improving the qualification of teachers, to helping gifted art students, and more. I was very impressed with the track record the foundation has established thus far, in some cases rivaling the performance of much more powerful government institutions. 

The organizers are planning to turn thus successful start into an annual event, so look for the call for papers for next year - I highly recommend it.  

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