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NetIDSys releases new information security products based on smart cards

I am pleased to announce the release of the new NetID suite of products. It is a smart card-based information security solution for the new cryptographic architecture on Windows (CNG) and integrates with the Base CSP, Smart card KSP, and ILM 2007. Our product is designed specifically for this new architecture and capitalizes on the advantages it offers.  

What distinguishes our product suite from other competitive products is the world-leading speed of service. Our product outperforms the competition by a wide margin in all important end-user use-cases: Windows logon (approximately 1.5 seconds), remote login, e-mail signing, and many others.  Please visit the corporate site for more details about it.


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approximately 1.5 seconds is very fast, I check on your site found 2 products. JCOP 21/JCOP 41. Are both products offer same speed? Does this middleware support T=CL( contactless interface of JCOP 41)? How about USB interface of JCOP 41?

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