NetIDSys, Inc.

Securing your virtual world

NetIDSys offers a spectrum of information security solutions ranging from deployment and configuration of smart card-based security solutions to custom development of security software.


Incorporating strong authentication solutions based on certificates and smart cards into a corporate network infrastructure.

Customer scenario 1:

Deploying and managing sophisticated network access configurations to improve operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Customer scenario 2:

Our solution:

The new Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM2007) makes this possible. However, anyone who has tried ILM2007 knows its power and complexity. We are trained to help you maximize the return of your investment in security by:

 designing, deploying, and configuring your network for ILM2007;

 customizing the ILM2007 smart card management workflows to match your organization's processes;

 migrating your legacy smart card middleware and management systems to the new Windows ILM2007-based security infrastructure;

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